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Hi and welcome to Full Circle!

We’re so excited to introduce our subscription program that brings slow fashion to fast growers by providing parents with a socially conscious, well-curated shopping option for your children. We help parents avoid consuming and accumulating more children’s clothing with an option that provides the right clothes at the right time at the right place—right on your doorstep!

If pandemic living (and, let’s be honest, parenthood at any time!) has taught us anything, it’s that simplifying parts of our life—shopping, consumption choices, outings—can make it all…easier.

That said, when it comes to sourcing, ordering, and receiving shipments of children’s clothing this often means supporting multi-nationals who may have dubious environmental and labour practices in place that we’d prefer not to support.

It can also mean scouring multiple sites to get some variety in your children’s’ closets—or more importantly, to find clothing that actually lasts. Plus, producing and shipping clothes globally is simply not sustainable.

Shopping at second-hand stores is a great option (we do it! We love it!), but it can be time-consuming—and then the clothes we buy end up hanging around our homes long after our kids outgrow them.

Full Circle offers families an alternative—a subscription to a variety of locally and ethically produced clothing that is socially conscious, sustainable, simple, comfortable and fun—right at your door with the ease of a one-stop shop.

Better yet, Full Circle ensures that parents don’t have to worry about adding to the growing piles of clothing in landfills—with a subscription you’re joining the circular economy by returning the clothing your children wear for a season (or sometimes a month! We know how quickly those little guys grow) back into subscription packages.

As a social enterprise, Full Circle also ensures that families who don’t have the means to pay for a subscription also have an option to subscribe via partner agencies. This helps ensure more use and more access to the approximately 100 billion garments that are produced each year. Not only is the circular economy better for the earth, Full Circle is making this kind of consumption an option for all.

To learn more about our mission, vision and values please see here.

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit!

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