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FAQ – Full Circle Clothing

Frequently Asked Questions

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We will simply bill you monthly, so no need to scramble when you’re ready for a new package or when you start to feel the crisp or hazy air of a new season

Of course! We’re flexible and want to be sure we’re providing clothing when and where you need it. If “when” is simply “later” we’re happy to oblige. 

No problem at all! Just get in touch and we will upgrade you when the next package is shipped.

We will swap them out every three months or so to account for growth and seasonal changes. However, if you’re ready sooner, just let us know—we’ll get a new package ready and sent out to you. 

No problem! Just let us know and we’ll get a new package ready and sent out to you. 

Mostly yes—that’s our eventual goal–but we will have broader offerings, too. This is because we want to be sure that the clothing already on the market, some of which are made overseas, circulates as long as possible. There has already been energy applied to creating those goods, so we don’t want that to be wasted. However, we want to circulate clothes that will last, so while you will see a mix of brands, you will be unlikely to see the ultra fast fashion brands, unless they have a particular piece that is made to last. 

That said–if you are particularly keen on Canadian-made ONLY (and yay! We love to see it), most of our packages meet those needs. 

We want to provide you with pieces you may fall in love with. It’s no problem if you do—we’ll simply bill you for the cost to replace the piece. 

We know that stuff happens. While we ask that you do your best to return all items in a package, if something ends up in lost-and-never-never-to-be-found land we will simply bill you the cost to replace the item. 

As a social enterprise we work with our charitable partners to be sure these end up with a family in need. The clothes that can’t be re-used (damaged, too well-worn) will be recycled.  

Yes please! We will be sure these are laundered and ready as they continue to circulate, but our preference is to take clean clothes back. 

Generally we can take a stab at getting the stain out and get the piece recirculating. However, as we plan to donate all items we hope to keep the clothing as clean as possible. If an item needs to be replaced we will add a restocking fee (retail price) to your subscription, but we will always let you know before we charge you, and we will do our absolute best to avoid that. 

Yes. With kids who have been through daycare and school we know how important those labels are! We do ask that you please use labels that can be removed once the clothes are returned. We will provide you with a discount code to Mabel’s Labels–they have stick-on products that would be a good option. You can also order blank labels through us if you would prefer.

Great question. Every decision we make—from shipping methods, to how we source products, is about sustainability. We buy from local businesses to try and minimize carbon emissions, we use greener deliver options when we can (bike couriers, electric vehicles, even public transport!) and only use compostable/recyclable products. 

No—but thank you! Our team are happy to make a contact-less delivery and pick-up. 

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