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About Us – Full Circle Clothing

About Full Circle Clothing

Full Circle provides parents with a socially conscious, well-curated shopping option for their children.

Full Circle is a locally focused subscription-based children’s rental clothing company. We are a social enterprise focused both on sustainability–and on making sustainable consumption more accessible for all.

As people become increasingly aware of the high cost of cheap, fast fashion—used clothing piling up in landfills, the carbon footprint of producing and shipping clothes, garment workers labouring in harsh conditions—more and more parents are turning to second-hand clothing as an alternative for their children’s wardrobes. At the same time, subscription services are gaining in popularity, as in-person retail shopping has been challenging or even less appealing for many parents.

Full Circle meets both these needs—the ability to consume more responsibly, coupled with the ease of online ordering. As a company that supports local, ethical businesses, it also allows consumers to access a number of Canadian producers they may not otherwise purchase from—particularly if they are online shoppers who enjoy the ease (and delivery price!) of a one-stop shop.

What Makes Us Different

Shopping at second-hand stores is a great option (we do it! We love it!), but it can be time-consuming—and then the clothes we buy end up hanging around our homes long after our kids outgrow them.
Full Circle Subscriptions offers families an alternative—a subscription to a variety of brand-name clothing that is socially conscious, sustainable, simple, comfortable and fun—right at your door with the ease of a one-stop shop.

Better yet, Full Circle ensures that parents don’t have to worry about adding to the growing piles of clothing in landfills—with a subscription parents are joining the circular economy by returning the clothing their children wear for a season (or sometimes a month! We know how quickly those little guys grow) back into subscription packages.

Full Circle is truly circular as it is a subscription and recycling program. Subscribers will receive a package on a schedule that meets their needs (by season or when a growth-spurt happens!) and will simply return their previous package when the new package arrives. Should they fall in love with an item they do have the option to purchase one-offs.

As a social enterprise, Full Circle also ensures that families who don’t have the means to pay for a subscription also have an option to subscribe via partner charities. This helps ensure more use and more access to the approximately 100 billion garments that are produced each year. Not only is the circular economy better for the earth, Full Circle is making this kind of consumption an option for all.

From Jess Davidson


Full Circle provides parents with a socially conscious, well-curated shopping option for their children. We help parents avoid consuming and accumulating more children’s clothing with an option that provides the right clothes at the right time at the right place—right on their doorstep!

Our aim:

To help subscribers shop in a way that is sustainable, easy, and reliable with clothing that is comfortable and looks great.

To promote and grow local businesses, and local garment manufacturing options in Toronto and other cities in Canada.

To provide a truly circular option for children’s clothing.

To help parents become more conscious consumers through consumer education initiatives and transparent business practices.

To buy better to help subscribers buy less and dress better (better for the earth and the garment workers).

To provide a platform to push corporations to commit to more socially conscious practices.

We bring slow fashion to fast growers.

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