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Full Circle Clothing – Kids clothing subscription

An Eco Conscious Children's Clothing Company

A social enterprise focused on sustainability and on making sustainable consumption more accessible for all through our subscription rental program.

Thank you for your interest in Full Circle. At this time our subscription service is paused. Stay tuned for future updates by joining our mailing list now.

Local, Ethical Brands

We source clothes from brands you'll be proud to support

Delivered Right To Your Door

Just give us some size & style details and we'll save you the shopping

Rent & Return...and keep these items circulating!

When your kids have outgrown the clothing, just send the package back and we'll swap in a new one. No more clothing mountain! Best of all--all our clothing packages end up with a family in need. Not only does a subscription help the earth, it helps another family.

How It Works

A kids rental clothing subscription? How does that work?

Step One:
Choose Your Plan

We have flexible options for any budget. Whether you want to just dip a toe and try us out, or you want your child’s entire wardrobe by subscription, we’ve got a plan with the number of pieces for you.

Step Two:
Pick Your Options

Choose the style and size of clothing you’d like to receive and leave the rest up to us!

Step Three:
Rent & Return!

Full Circle will notify you when to expect your first package. Once they’ve outgrown them, we will swap in a new package!


Ready to get started? Choose one of our options below!


4-6 pieces per package


8-12 pieces per package

seven OUTFITS Per package

14-21 pieces per package


Seven outfits (14 to 21 items—BUT includes a range of brands)


Four to eight BRAND NEW Canadian-made pieces of apparel

Pre-sale Questions?

We know that as a relatively new concept, you may have some questions before you decide to give us a try. Feel free to reach out to our handy support team and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

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